Full licence

These resources are suitable for experienced drivers working their way towards getting their full licence.

Full licence guide

Full licence guide (149 KB) 

This guide explains how to get a full licence in New Zealand and can be used as a handout. 

It includes information on:

Drive videos

Here are a few videos about getting a full licence. If you would like to download them, please email: driveadmin@nzta.govt.nz


Run a workshop on the restricted and full licence test. Our workshop resources cover:

Download our workshop resources:

Restricted and full licence workshop ( PPT | 638 KB) 
Powerpoint presentation you can use as a visual aid to run your workshop.

Workshop notes (PDF | 62 KB) 
Notes organised by order of powerpoint slide to help you cover everything.

Workshop scenarios (PDF | 36 KB) 
A list of scenarios to encourage discussion.


Some of the resources featured on this page have been adapted from Behind The Wheel Mangere project.

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