Learner's licence

These resources are suitable for beginner level drivers working towards getting their learner's licence.

Learner's licence guide

Learner's licence guide  (PDF | 291 KB)

This guide explains how to get a learner's licence in New Zealand and can be used as a handout. 

It includes information on:

  • booking your test
  • preparing for your test
  • what happens during the test
  • what happens once you've got your learner's licence.


These activities are useful for young people going for their learner's licence. They can be used during a workshop or when you require one-off activities.

Licensing 101 challenge (PDF | 256 KB) 

This challenge is about understanding licensing conditions for each stage of the Graduated Driver Licensing System. Teams must sort through a series of cards with licensing conditions on them, and match these to the correct licence stage. 

Detour challenge (PDF | 616 KB) 

This is a detour challenge, where the team must decide whether they'll choose a road markings challenge or a signs challenge to complete. As a team they must correctly match the sign or image of road markings with the rule that applies and come up with a reason as to why that particular marking or sign was used for that road.

Road worthy challenge (PDF | 73 KB)

In this challenge, teams must correctly identify the vehicle that is road worthy and ready to be used in the restricted licence test from 3 potential options. 

Rookie response challenge (PDF | 138 KB) 

In groups, participants discuss common situations where they might be pressured to breach their licence conditions. This challenge helps highlight techniques for dealing with peer pressure.

Truth or myth challenge (PDF | 135 KB)

There are many myths about learning to drive and road rules. This exercise tries to bust some of these to reveal the true road rules and ensure people are aware of them.


Find in-person workshops on the learner's licence at Auckland's Behind The Wheel Mangere.


Some of the resources featured on this page have been adapted from Behind The Wheel Mangere project.

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