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Let’s get your car sorted! This lesson is about making you comfy and ready to drive in your vehicle.

When you're finished, you'll know how to:


Adjust your seat and steering wheel


Use your seat belt every time you drive


Make the most of your car’s mirrors

Adjusting your seat

Being comfortable and in the right position in your driving seat is important. Sitting too close to the steering wheel means that you’re more likely to be injured by the airbag during a crash.

Using your seat belt

Your seat belt is one of the most important life-saving features in your car, but you need to make sure it’s correctly fitted so it can work properly.

Your car’s mirrors

Mirrors give you a good idea of what’s around your car, but there are blind spots that the mirrors don’t cover. Adjusting your mirrors correctly will make those blind spots as small as possible.

Am I ready?

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Starting and stopping the engine

You need to master starting and stopping the car’s engine before you hit the road.

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