Preparing for your restricted test

Thinking about going for your restricted? Here's everything you need to know.

To apply for a restricted licence, you must:

  • have held your learner licence for at least 6 months
  • be able to confidently perform all the driving skills that are assessed in the restricted licence test

The only person who can truly decide whether you're ready for the test is you. Generally, you'll need around 120 hours of supervised driving practice in a range of situations and conditions before you're ready - that’s a little over two hours driving per week for a year. However, some people will need more and some people less.

Can you do all the starting out, beginner, intermediate and experienced skills (except towing trailers) outlined in the 'Get your restricted' section of the Drive website? Can you do them confidently and consistently? That’s a good sign you’re probably ready.

If in doubt, ask your driving coach's opinion, or book a session with a professional driving instructor to assess if you’re ready to sit the test.

Booking your test

Once you're ready, you'll need to book a time to take your restricted test. The test will take about an hour altogether, and will cost $86.60. You have to pay the test fee when you book the time to sit your test (not when you go to sit the test itself).

To book a practical driving test:

For help with the online booking services, call 0800 822 422.

Things you need to do at a driver licensing agent

Even if you've booked online or over the phone, you still have to visit a driver licensing agent to do some paperwork before the test. You might be able to do this stuff on the day of your test, but only if the test site has a driver licensing agent. Make sure you check in advance!

At the licensing agent, you'll need to fill out and complete a driver licence application form. You can download the application form in advance, or grab one when you get there.

You’ll also need to:

  • present evidence of your identity (this will be your NZ learner licence, unless you've lost it and haven't received your replacement yet)
  • do a quick eyesight test to show that your eyesight still meets the required standard (bring your glasses or contact lenses if you normally wear them)
  • have your photograph taken again and provide a signature
  • pay the restricted licence application and test fees

What it costs

To apply for a restricted licence costs $134.80 in total - $48.20 for the application fee and $86.60 for the test fee. You won't have to pay the test fee if you've already paid it when you booked in.

What's next?

What will happen during the restricted test?

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