When something unexpected happens, you'll need to stop suddenly while still keeping control of your car.

Where should you practise this?

  • Use an empty carpark, or a flat street with no traffic – somewhere you can make sudden stops without getting in the way of other traffic or causing a crash
  • Practise this in dry conditions to begin with - if the driving surface is wet, it will be much harder for you to keep control of your car.

Key points

How to practise this

  • Check if your car has ABS (anti-lock braking system) or not - look for an ABS logo on the steering wheel
  • To stop suddenly when your car has ABS, brake as hard as you can and keep your foot on the brake, even when the pedal vibrates
  • To stop suddenly when your car doesn't have ABS:

  1. push gently down on the brake at first, then increase pressure
  2. if the wheels lock, ease off the brake for a moment then put it back on.

  • While braking, keep looking ahead to where you need to go
  • Keep both hands on the wheel and steer around any obstacles
  • If you're driving a manual, whether it has ABS or not, always brake first. If you have time, push in the clutch just before your stop. Don't worry if you stall - stopping safely is more important.

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