Driving around curved roads at higher speeds takes skill and clear thinking. You'll have less reaction time and your car will handle differently.

Where should you practise this?

Plan a route that includes areas with speed limits above 50 km/h, and has both left and right curves. Open roads work well.

When driving around curves at speeds over 50km/hr

  • As you come up to the curve, look as far around the curve as possible to figure out how tight it is.
  • Look out for a recommended speed sign and slow down before you reach the curve to give you more control. The sharper the curve, the more you'll need to slow down.
  • Check your mirrors for following traffic before you slow down for the curve.
  • Position your car before the curve. You want to be more to the left for a right-hand curve, and more to the right for a left-hand curve.
  • Change down gears (if you need to) before the curve.
  • Keep to the left of the centreline. It's illegal to cross the centreline on a curve because you could cause a head-on crash.
  • Once you're into the curve, keep looking as far around the curve as possible. This gives you time to react to hazards and helps you take the best and smoothest course through the curve.
  • Unless you need to brake to slow down, keep gentle pressure on the accelerator to maintain speed through the curve. Don't coast. Then speed up smoothly as you come out of the curve and the road straightens.
  • After the curve, check your mirrors, adjust your speed and make sure you’re in the right position in your lane again.

More tips for driving around curves at higher speeds

  • Keep a safe gap from oncoming traffic and any roadside hazards.
  • Brake before the curve as braking on a curve reduces the stability of your car and its grip on the road. Be particularly careful if you’re driving a car with a high centre of gravity, like an SUV.
  • Keep the same speed around the curve unless it gets tighter or you entered the curve too quickly.
  • Keep in mind that on a road with a centreline you must be able to stop within the space of clear road ahead of you. On a road without a centreline you must be able to stop in half that distance.
  • If you’re driving through a series of downhill curves, brake firmly on the straight parts and more gently on the curve.

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