Set up your car before you start driving. Being in the correct position means you’ll have full control of the car.

Where should you practise this?

In the car you’re going to be using for driving practise.

First time checklist for any new car you get in

  1. Adjust your seat
    You're in the right spot if you can push the left pedal all the way to the floor, with a small bend in your knee.
  2. Adjust your steering wheel
    You want to be able to put your arms out straight and rest your wrists on top of the steering wheel. If your hands are on the wheel it means the steering wheel is too far away. If your forearms are on the wheel it means it’s too close. To adjust the steering wheel look for a lever underneath the steering wheel column, close to the dashboard.
  3. Adjust your seatbelt
    It should come across your right shoulder and the centre of your chest. If you need to change the height you'll find this where it attaches to the car over your right shoulder.
  4. Adjust your mirrors
    Your rearview mirror should show you as much of the road behind you as possible. Your sideview mirrors should point back at the road, so you can see behind you. Doing this will make those blind spots as small as possible!
  5. Know your controls!
    You want to know where these are before you hit the road:

    • Indicators. Located on the control arm at the side of your steering wheel.
    • Headlights. Located either on the control arm or control panel at the side of your steering wheel. Some cars have a separate control panel near the dashboard on the driver's side.
    • Windscreen wipers. Located on the control arm at the side of your steering wheel.
    • Handbrake or parking brake. There are a few different types so the location could be different for different cars. A handbrake lever or pull handle is located between the two front seats. A pedal is a small foot pedal located by the other foot pedals. An electric or push button is located on the centre panel between the two front seats.

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