Being able to steer confidently and make smooth turns shows you have good control of your car.

Where should you practise this?

Start in an empty carpark that has plenty of space.

  • Try doing small circles in one direction, and then the other direction.
  • When you feel comfortable, try figures of 8.

Tips for steering

  • Keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel in the quarter to three position. This will make sure that your hands and arms are out of the way if the airbags go off in a crash.
  • Keep your head up and look 12 seconds ahead. Your eyes do the steering, so you need to look ahead to where you want to go.
  • Slow down smoothly before you turn.
  • As you're turning the wheel, pass it from one hand to the other so your arms don’t cross over on the steering wheel.
  • Come back up to speed smoothly once you're through the turn.

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