Steering in reverse is a great way to build confidence. It's the starting block to backing out of an angle park or reverse parallel parking.

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Where should you practise this?

Start in a quiet space, like an empty carpark, until you get the hang of it and are ready for public roads.

Before you start reversing

  • Check to make sure there are no children or pets around your car before you get in.
  • When you're in your car, check behind you for any hazards.
  • Follow the clutch-gear-mirrors routine:
  1. Press clutch in fully.
  2. Put car into reverse gear.
  3. Check mirrors and blind spots.
  • Turn your body to the left and look out your rear window (if you're not using a reversing camera).

Starting to reverse

  • Ease the clutch out until you feel it 'bite' - hold it there to avoid stalling.
  • Gently press on the accelerator and ease the clutch out the rest of the way.
  • Keep your eyes high - look where you want to go, not just right out the back window.
  • Keep a watch for hazards - check in blind spots, side mirrors and side windows.
  • When you're a car length from where you want to stop, push the clutch right in and press the brake smoothly.
  • Follow the stopping routine.

Tips for practising steering in reverse

  • Mark a space with cones or plastic bottles. Use it to practise backing into a narrow space (without putting any other cars at risk!).
  • Start by reversing in a straight line until you're comfortable.
  • Next try adding a 90 degrees turn to the left and right, like you'd need to do when reversing into a driveway for example.

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