How the test will be marked

During the restricted test, the Testing Officer will be marking you on six key driving skills as well as how well you perform a reverse parallel park or three-point turn.

The six key skills you’ll be assessed on

These are things you should be thinking about and doing constantly when you’re driving. The Testing Officer will be looking for how consistently you perform these skills by assessing each one several times throughout the test.

  1. Checking around you
  2. Indicating
  3. Choosing gaps in traffic
  4. Speed choice
  5. Following distance
  6. Road position

At the end of the test, the Testing Officer tallies up how many times you performed the skills correctly compared to how many times you didn’t. This is one of the things that helps determine if you pass the test or not.

Other skills you’ll be assessed on

There are four other skills that the Testing Officer may assess during the test. Depending on traffic conditions, the Testing Officer will ask you to perform either a reverse parallel park or a three-point turn.

  • Checking around you while parking
  • Making the park
  • Leaving the park
  • Three-point turn

How the testing officer decides if you pass

As well as assessing you on the key driving skills listed above, the Testing Officer will also be keeping a close eye on whether you make any Critical or Immediate Fail Errors during the test.

What's next?

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