Stage 2 of the test

During Stage 2 of the test you’ll drive in areas with speed limits from 50–80 km/h, or even up to 100 km/h on some test routes.

This stage of the test will take about 30 minutes.

As well as keeping up the six core skills from Stage 1, the driving tasks you’ll have to do in Stage 2 include:

  • Turning right at a roundabout
  • Going straight ahead at a roundabout
  • Turn right onto a road with two or more lanes each way
  • Turn right off a road with two or more lanes each way
  • Merge lanes
  • Changes lanes to make a left or right turn

You should expect the Test Officer to get you to perform these driving tasks several times during Stage 2 of the test.

If it isn't possible to perform any of these driving tasks on your test route, the Testing Officer will get you to do driving tasks similar to those in Stage 1 but where there is more traffic and on roads with higher speed limits.

At the end of Stage 2, the Testing Officer will direct you back to where you started the test so they can tell you the result.

What's next?

The results