The results

If you pass

  • The Testing Officer will keep your Learner Licence and give you a temporary (paper) restricted licence.
  • This is valid for 21 days, and you must carry it with you when you drive.
  • Your new photo driver licence will be mailed to you before the temporary one expires.
  • The Testing Officer may give you feedback on the things you did well and the things you need to work on.
  • Take note of the things you need to work on, so you don’t make the same mistakes when you sit the test for your full licence.

If you fail

  • The Testing Officer will return your Learner Licence to you before you leave.
  • They will give you feedback on why you failed. They will also note on a feedback form what you did wrong.
  • Try not to be discouraged – this just means you need to do more work on your driving before you try again.
  • There’s no fee to rebook the test when you’re ready.

Rebook a practical driver licence test

What's next?

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