Check your car before the test

Nine ways to avoid failing the restricted licence test before it even starts.

1. Fuel: Make sure the car you’re using has plenty of fuel for the test (around 45 mins of driving time).

2. Road legal: The car will need to have a current Warrant of Fitness, vehicle licence (rego) label, current RUC label (if it’s a diesel), and it will need to have L-plates correctly displayed.

3. Bodywork: The bodywork of the car must be in a safe condition. Minor scratches and dents are okay.

4. Tyres: The tread on all tyres must be deep enough to be safe. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.5 mm. The car needs to sit square on the road – if it’s not, you might need to check that the tyres are all inflated to the recommended pressure.

5. Seatbelts: The seatbelts must all be working as designed.

6. Lights: All the indicators and brake lights must work, including the high brake light.

7. Horn: The horn must work.

8. Mirrors: All mirrors must be clean and correctly adjusted.

9. Windscreen: The windscreen and windows must be clean enough that you can see out. The windscreen wipers must work.