Esta and David’s licence journey

Esta is studying for her licence using Drive Go. It’s the mobile app that’s got everything you need to pass your restricted test. She enjoys lessons with structure, so her Dad, David, likes that the app makes lesson planning clear and easy to follow.

The benefits of Drive

Esta liked how Drive made it easy to understand each step to getting her learner’s. “Drive Road Code is like an online road code. It breaks down the massive book into achievable sections.”

Once Esta had her learner’s, David was unsure about what on-road skills he had to teach her so they tried Drive Go. “It’s like a road map for what I have to do. I don’t know what Esta has to achieve to get the pass, so having something which shows you exactly how to do that is really useful. When I learned to drive we kind of just threw ourselves at the road. So it’s a lot more rigorous now.”

Planning for success

When Esta is working towards a goal she likes to track her progress, it’s something Drive Go does well. “It’s a diary of your driving journey. You can get badges and achievements. I like to tick things off and get more of a sense of achievement. And you can see your achievement right there.”

For David, it’s all about planning ahead and making sure Esta’s safe. “You gotta plan for what you have to do and the skills gaps and things like that. So it does give you confidence, right, that you’re teaching enough, teaching the right things.”

“Drive Go gave us a road map of what to teach.”

Easier driving lessons

Before using Drive Go, Esta was overwhelmed with the prospect of learning to drive. “The app makes such a daunting thing to learn simple to understand. It seems like something which you know you can do. It provides direction.”

For David, Drive Go made his lessons easier because it was a neutral source of truth. “It helps me communicate more clearly about what Esta was doing, what she needed to do, and the areas she was weak in. It helps reduce some of that natural parent child friction.”

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