The day of the restricted test

Ready to take your restricted test? Here's what you need to know.

You've put in all the hard work and the big day has finally arrived. Here are some tips for getting through the day without any drama.

Getting there on time

Aim to arrive at the testing site early. 

It's very important that you're on time for the test. If you're more than 5 minutes late, you've already failed. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and get ready before the test starts. Remember to allow even more time to get there if you will be travelling around peak traffic times.

Doing the paperwork

Make sure you've completed all the necessary paperwork at a driver licensing agent. If you booked your test online or via the NZ Transport Agency call centre, you'll need to stop into a driver licensing agent on any day before your test to complete you application.

You might be able to do this on the day of your test, but only if your test site has a driver licensing agent on the premise. Make sure you check! If you're planning to complete your licence application before your test, you will need to allow at least an extra 30 minutes before your test is due to start to complete the application process.

Check what time the licensing agent opens on the day of your test. If your test is early in the morning and the agent is not open you will not be able to complete the driver application process. 

Bringing the right stuff 

Here are the things you need to bring to the restricted test: 

  • Your driver licence. Remember that this must be current (the Testing Officer will hold onto your licence for the duration of your test). If you're sitting your test using a temporary (paper) driver licence you'll also need to bring some form of photographic ID with you that allows the testing officer to confirm your identity (e.g. a passport).
  • Glasses or contact lenses if you need to wear them for driving.
  • The car you will be using for your test (see our guide to Checking you car before the test).

Having a support person

You can have one support person in the car with you if they meet the requirements - that means no children, infants or pets. Your support person must not talk or distract you or the Testing Officer during the test (if they do the test will be stopped and you will need to book and pay for another test).


What's next?

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