Stage 1 of the test

For the first 10–15 minutes of your test, The Testing Officer will check you know the basics.

You’ll be asked to do a range of driving tasks on roads with speed limits up to 60 km/h. The tasks will include:

  • Left and right turns, including at Give Way and Stop signs
  • Reverse parallel park (or a three-point turn)
  • Changing lanes on a multi-lane road (if there is a multi-lane on your test route)

While you're driving, the Testing Officer will be checking how well you’re doing the following core skills:

  • Checking around you
  • Indicating
  • Choosing gaps in traffic
  • Speed choice
  • Following distance
  • Road position

At the end of Stage 1, the Testing Officer will ask you to pull over so they can mark this part of the test. They’ll check whether you’ve done well enough to carry on to Stage 2 of the test.

What's next?

Stage 2 of the test