Ilgaz and Hülya’s licence journey

Hülya wanted her son, Ilgaz, to have a faultless grasp of New Zealand’s road rules. So he studied for his learner’s using Drive Road Code as it’s the official way to get your learner’s. He uses it as his one stop shop for common sense driving advice.

Everything you need to get your licence

When Ilgaz decided he wanted to get his licence he was looking for something that was quick and easy to use. He found Drive Road Code. “It teaches you everything you need to know, in terms of actually driving. It has everything I need to get my licence.”

For Hülya, Drive is a one stop shop for every licence stage. “You go there, you see everything. You watch the videos, you practice, you have an assessment at the end, you see what the progress is. It’s really easy to access, everything’s available in one spot.”

The benefit of Drive Road Code

Ilgaz wanted to make sure he would ace his test, so he found the free practise really useful. “There’s an unlimited amount of practice tests and we’ve got all the questions. It was really helpful when I went to the exam, I recognised all the questions from the practice tests and I could really remember everything.”

As an immigrant less familiar with our road rules, Hülya appreciated that Drive is the official way to learn to drive. “The questions are exactly the same questions for the exam. So you can just rely on the information being true. It is a reliable source of information. We insisted Ilgaz use Drive Road Code as a reference point rather than jumping from one website to another one.”

“Drive has everything you need to get your licence”

Tackling tricky traffic

Once Ilgaz got his learner’s with Drive Road Code he was able to start practicing his in car skills. He quickly found there was a lot of challenges to driving. “I go to the pool quite often and I come out quite late, it's sometimes really dark, rainy and also a bit slippery. Drive has given me the common sense to act, when I'm in those situations.”

Hülya has found she’s learned a lot along the way too. “Drive helped mainly when I was handling the challenging situations, I know what I need to do, what kind of approach I need to adapt.“