Holly and Iain’s licence journey

Last year Iain started giving his daughter, Holly, driving lessons. At first he was worried, but after using Drive Go, they gained confidence to safely navigate Wellington’s winding roads.

From worry to wisdom

At first Holly found driving a bit nerve racking. To shake her wobbles she looked to Drive Go. “Every lesson you get more and more confident and more and more able to cope with the hazards and challenges on the road.”

For Iain, he was initially nervous about Holly being behind the wheel, but knowing she had used Drive Go helped take the pressure off. “I just wanted her to be safe. The fact that she knew everything before we even got in the car took a lot of that stress away from me. I was like, well, right, all you need to do now is just concentrate on driving and staying safe.”

Confidence on the road

Before using Drive Go, Holly felt intimidated by learning to drive. “I feel much more confident after using the app because I know I’m not missing any crucial bits of information as Drive is really consistent with what it teaches you. It makes you feel really confident that you’re ready to move on to a restricted licence.”

For Iain, using Drive Go helped him shift his perspective, be more accomodating and feel more confident in Holly’s driving. “I’m not the most patient person in the world. But I think it told me to be more patient and it told me to just think about the things that you went through.”

“Using Drive Go built our confidence on the road”

The straightforward way to learn

From the moment Holly started using Drive Go she found it simple and easy to use. “It’s an effective guide, especially for your parents or anyone else who’s teaching you to drive. It’s a logical process.”

Iain is quick to recommend Drive Go to other parents. “It gave me the simple tools to remind myself how I could help my daughter and keep her safe. It gave me a process to follow. Logical really is the right word for it. It’s a better way to learn.”

What's next?

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